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Type in the email address you wish to subscribe (the email address you will use to receive and send TNOU email). ”Subscribe” is already the default option); then click on the “Go!” button.  You will receive a email confirmation that your request was sent to the TNOU list administrator who will manually approve your subscription. Approval usually occurs within 24 hours, often less, but if the administrator happens please be patient). Once approved, you will receive an automated email with a Welcome Message containing TNOU guidelines and rules which you are strongly urged to read.

Enter your email address:

NOTE: Although your full name or location is not required when you subscribe, every member who posts to TNOU is REQUIRED to sign each post with a signature block containing their first and last name. In addition to a first and last name, Tamilnadu residents must include their city and District of residence; out of state subscribers need only include their state of residence.


Welcome Message PDF Download

Download a PDF copy of the current automated Email welcome message all new subscribers receive when they join TNOU.

PC users right-click (Mac users control-click) on TNOU WELCOME to download a PDF copy to your computer.


In order to read the file you will need the current version of Adobe Reader (it’s free). You may obtain a copy directly from Adobe at:

Tuesday, December 4, 2018


So is TNOU real email, or web-based?
A little of both. TNOU is an email-based discussion list. The bulk of your interactions with TNOU will be through your email program. But the ability to directly change and control your subscription settings is available through the TNOU Info Web Page located at:

How do I subscribe?
This is easily accomplished by using the TNOU Info Web Page at:

Type in the email address you wish to have subscribed (the email address you will use to receive and send TNOU email). ”Subscribe” is already the default option in the pull-down menu list so simply click on the “Go!” button.

You will receive a confirmation email that your subscription request has been sent to the TNOU list administrator who will manually approve your subscription request. Approval usually occurs within 24 hours, often less (or maybe days if the administrator is on vacation so be patient). Once it has been approved you will receive a confirmation email and a handy automated "Welcome" email containing the TNOU guidelines and rules.

NOTE: Some subscribers will subscribe one email address and then setup an automatic forward of TNOU mail to a second email address (one that is not subscribed to TNOU). Depending upon the ISP, forwarded email may inadvertently be flagged as spam. This will result in a number of error messages to accumulate in a subscriber's TNOU account and ultimately cause a legitimately subscribed email address to be deleted from the TNOU subscription database. For this reason, the practice of forwarding of email in this fashion is to be discouraged.

How many TNOU subscriptions may I have?
You may subscribe as many email addresses as you wish. Some people find this useful if they are using more than one email account from different locations in order to be able to post from each location.

How do I change my subscription settings?
Use the TNOU Info Web Page at:

(You will probably want to bookmark this page in your web browser for making future changes)

Login using your subscription email address, then use the pull-down menu to select a subscription option you wish to change (turn Digest mode on and off, turn Vacation mode on and off, Unsubscribe, and Subscribe).

Are there any other subscription settings I can use?
Yes, a few more. But before you can review and make changes to them, you are first required to setup a free login account using your existing TNOU email subscription address at:

(You may wish to bookmark this web page in your web browser for making future changes)

Follow the instructions in the “FreeLists Web Login” section.

If you are logging in for the first time, YOU MUST enter your subscription email address or the address you plan to use for your subscription and leave the PASSWORD box BLANK (do not enter anything); then click on the “Login” button.

An authorization string will be emailed to the email address you entered. To authenticate your identity, enter the authorization string that was emailed to you (using copy/paste is wise since the authorization string is rather lengthy) into the “Auth String” box in the web page screen that appeared after the previous login step. The authorization string has a short shelf life so you need to retrieve and submit the code as soon as possible or you will have to repeat the process.

Once access is completed, you will be taken to the “Main Menu” screen, but before going any further you will be VERY WISE indeed to create your own password (write it down and keep it somewhere handy!) to avoid having to repeat entering a new authorization string everytime you need to login.

After you changed your password, scroll to and select “tnou” from the list on the left. With tnou selected, click on the “Select List” button to continue on to your account’s “List: tnou” web page.

Once there, use the “View Settings” button to view your current subscription settings and the “Change Settings” button to access a menu where the changes are made.

How do I post to TNOU?
It’s easy. To post use your email program and send an email to the list’s postingaddress: Only subscribed members may post.

NOTE: You MUST send email to TNOU using the email address that you used to subscribe. Using another email address will not work.

How do I reply to a message I read on TNOU?
To respond to a message posted on TNOU use your email program's "Reply" function. Your response will go directly to the sender of the original post. This is done to help prevent personal responses (possibly embarrassing ones) from accidentally going to the entire list.

To include the entire list in your response (which most people replying intend to do), use your email program’s “Reply All” function which will include both the original sender and the entire list.

How do I know if my post wound up on the list?
When you were subscribed, your account default setting included ECHOPOST so that you should receive copies of messages you post to TNOU.

NOTE: If you are not receiving a copy you may check the TNOU archives page to see if your email made it to the list:

How can I sort my incoming TNOU email?
The Subject Line of each email you receive from TNOU is prefaced with "[tnou]". You may create a separate folder in your email program, and along with an email program filter or rule, direct all incoming emails with [tnou] in the Subject Line to a designated folder. Consult you email program's Help file for details.

Is there a DIGEST mode?
Yes. Digest mode is a compilation of many posts rolled into one email and is sent daily. To implement this function go to:

Type in your subscription email address, select the option to enable or disable Digest mode, then click the “Go!” button. Digests are sent out once daily, usually after midnight.

Is there a “VACATION” mode?
Yes. Vacation mode allows you to remain subscribed to the list (and still post) but not receive posts. Like other settings, it can be enabled at the TNOU Info Web Page at:

While in Vacation mode, you won't receive any list messages (but you can still post). Vacation modeis important when you won't be able to check your mail for a while to prevent your inbox from being filled up with unexpected list messages. NOTE: You must turn Vacation mode off to receive messages again.

Are there TNOU archives?
Yes, a searchable TNOU archive is found at:

The archive provides a means for reviewing old posts. Post are divided by year and then by month.

How do I unsubscribe (leave) TNOU?
Use the TNOU Info Web Page, located at:

Enter the email address you subscribed with and wish to have removed, select “Unsubscribe” from the pull-down menu, click on the “Go!” button. You will receive a response email asking you to reply to complete the process. When you reply - you need not add anything to the reply message - you’ll be removed without any further action by you or the list administrator.

How do I change my subscription email address?
You can accomplish this by first unsubscribing your old address and then subscribing your new one. Use the TNOU Info Web Page at:

NOTE: If you created a login/password for your old address, you will have to create a new password for your new address as outlined in  the “Are there any other subscription settings I can control?" Section in this F.A.Q.

Does TNOU have a webpage somewhere?
Yes, it is located at:

Here you will find valuable and timely information about TNOU, a downloadable PDF of the TNOU Welcome email you received when you joined, and a F.A.Q.

Bounced emails – what’s going on?
Malfunctions may occur somewhere between the TNOU mail server and your mail server, or, scheduled or unscheduled server maintenance downtime may cause messages sent via TNOU to your email address to bounce back. Typically these bounces are temporary and subcribers are not even aware they have occurred.

The TNOU hosting service is set to monitor such bounces and unsubscribe users once a certain number of bounces accumulate within a specified time frame (thirty bounces within seven to ten days).

If your account should reach the bounce counter limit, your account will be switched automatically to Vacation mode. You will still be subscribed but will not receive list mail. To correct this you will need to turn the Vacation mode off (see the section “How do I change my subscription settings”) in order to continue receiving posts again.

Typically an account will rarely reach the bounce counter limit and the the bounce counter will reset itself. For the most part this will be transparent to you.

It does not mean, however, that all conflicts with email subscriptions will be completely eliminated. If problems persist, the List Administrator may contact you directly or you may contact the List Administrator at:

What’s appropriate for tnou?
When you subscribed, you received an automated “Welcome” email explaining how TNOU works. Most everything you need to know about how TNOU functions is contained in this helpful file. In general:

1. Don’t post any graphic content.
2. Avoid using harsh language; be respectful of other list members. Pretend your mother is reading your posts.
3. Keep your posts on-topic.
4. When in doubt about message content, check with a list owner/administrator before posting.

Help? Where can I turn to?
The list owners are V. Arvind and C. Simon Please email either of them with your questions. They will get back to you as soon as possible (please be aware that TNOU is run on a strictly volunteer basis!). Arvind tends to handle the technical questions and Simon, the resident "Mentor" will field any other questions you may have.

C. Simon, List Administrator

V. Arvind, List Owner

Welcome to TNOU

TNOU is an electronic discussion list principally focused on Tamilnadu birds and birding. Topics may include the timely reporting of rare bird sightings, trip reports, requests for information, activities of the Tamilnadu Ornithologist's Union, and other birding-related organizations and research. In order to participate you must be subscribed.

Posted in this blog you will find a Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) covering many aspects about how TNOU functions. This will be useful for long-time subscribers and new members alike.There is a downloadable PDF copy of the automated " Welcome Message" email every subscriber receives when they join. Handy if you lost the one you received when you joined, or, helpful to review to see if TNOU is a good fit for you before you join.There is an online form for subscribing to TNOU and finally, useful links to bird related groups or information.

Please bookmark this site for further reference. Feel free to share this site with other birders who may be interested in birds and birding in Tamilnadu.